Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reference Sunday: National Geographic Kids Halloween Book of Fun

My neighbor across the street loves Halloween.  Every year the display on his lawn grows and grows.   This year it startled me even more when I got home one night and saw a huge blow up of Dracula staring over at me.   Apparently he decorates the inside of his house even more than the outside.....gotta love it when people are that enthusiastic about a kid's holiday!

National Geographic Kids Halloween Book of Fun by the National Geographic Society would be the perfect book for my neighbor.  It has loads of fun activities and games plus it has costume ideas and tips for having a great party. It has something for every child in the house (or grownup) no matter what their age.   I love the section that talks about spooky myths.....I even learned a few things.

This is a great book to have fun with at this time of year.....a must have Halloween book for the spooky in all of us!

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