Saturday, August 29, 2015

Boo-La-La Witch Spa by Samantha Berger illust by Isabel Roxas

It is Halloween time at  my shop in Sleepy Hallow NY. As you can imagine it is coming up on our busy season. I love looking at all the new merchandise that we have received, especially the books,

Boo-La-La Witch Spa by Samatha Berger and illustrated by Isabel Roxas is one that totally won me over. It has also been selling really well.

It is a really cute and sweet book about how Halloween is the biggest time of year for Witches so when it is over all the Witches need to relax....and what better way to relax than going to a spa.  I can totally relate to the story because I am my busiest during October and was thinking I would go to a spa when it is over when we received this book.  I love the rhyming and the clever spa treatments Ms Berger has devised like the "Broom Bristle Facials".  I also love the illustrations, there is a kind of nostalgic feel to them and yet at the same time they have a whimsical modern feel to them.  This is a great new book to share at this time of year....

As it has been very busy at work I haven't been posting as much as I would like but I am hoping to squeeze in one per week at least.

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Happy Fall!