Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Stone Giant: Michelangelo's David and How He Came to Be by Jane Sutcliffe illustrated by John Shelley

This month The Metropolitan Museum of Art opened a spectacular exhibit called:
Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman & Designer.  It is a wonderful exhibit that was years in the making. I think the reason it is so wonderful and intriguing is that most people know or think they know who Michelangelo is or was.  The exhibition shows all the work it took for  him to become legendary.  I wanted to showcase one of the books for children we are selling in the shop.  It is a great introduction for a child especially if they plan to visit the museum.

Stone Giant: Michelangelo's David and How He Came to Be by Jane Sutcliffe and illustrated by John Shelley tells the story of the creation of Michelangelo's iconic statue of David.  This wonderful book really shows Michelangelo's process in creating art.  I can only repeat what I wrote earlier that this is a perfect book to introduce and teach a child about a classic artist everyone loves.  A must have for the little artist in your life....

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Double Take! A New Look at Opposites by Susan Hood illustrated by Jay Fleck

Well it is back to school time already.  It seems (as always) that the summer has flew by.  For many of my friends in other parts of the world school has been back for a few awhile but here in the Northeast this is "back to school" week.  My little grand nephew will be starting preschool next week.  I think he will love it.  Today's book is a great book for the his age group to learn about opposites.  I love it because it reminds me of books I read as a child.  Simple but fun....

Double Take! A New Look at Opposites written by Susan Hood and illustrated by Jay Fleck is a cute book to introduce opposites to the younger set.  While it is a simple book I love the retro illustrations.   The whole book is reminiscent of a early Dr Seuss books but in a refreshing way.  Great book for preschoolers to learn the basics.  I especially love the elephant....he has such a sweet face.  

Here is the book trailer----isn't it just so cute....

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Barnaby Never Forgets by Pierre Collet-Derby

Wow it has been 6 months since I last posted and blogged about a book.  It has been a crazy few months.  The whirlwind of selling my home and moving has kept me occupied. On top of that work has been truly busy.... which is a long way of saying the past 6 months have gone by in a flash.

It was brought home to me that time has passed when I went to the graduation party for two of my nephews....one just finished college and the other will just be beginning.  This morning I talked to my sister who is packing to take her son back to school....so yes time has been flying....today is a day when I have a bit of downtime and looked at my blog for the first time in a long time.  It's not that I haven't been thinking of it....I kept seeing books that I would love to write about but then being too busy or tired to get it done.  I hope I can get back into suggesting so many of the wonderful books I come across....this one seemed the perfect place to start:

I came across today's book and had to laugh.....it so felt like my life....trying to remember everything.....and always realizing it was right in front of me.....

Barnaby Never Forgets written and illustrated by  Pierre Collet-Derby is a sweet story of a bunny who never forgets anything like ice cream night or brush his teeth but when he needs to remember something important he can't....I think we have all been there.  This is a funny book to read for story time or bedtime (although there might be too many laughs to sleep)....I love the palette of this book because it reminds me of books I had as a child. This book has a freshness to it while at the same time a sense of nostalgia.  A great book for the start of the new school year...it will help to reassure children that they shouldn't be stressed about remembering everything all the time...great new book for a child's library....Enjoy!

Monday, February 13, 2017

If I Had a Little Dream by Nina Laden illustrated by Melissa Castrillon

It is a cold and blustery February kind of day.  Today is the kind of day that is for getting cozy with a good book while drinking hot chocolate.  Today is the kind of day for a comforting book that will soothe the mind, body and spirit.

If I Had a Little Dream by Nina Laden and illustrated so sweetly by Melissa Castrillon is just the right kind of soothing book to sit and snuggle with on this blustery day. Nina Laden walks us through a world that is filled with Love, Wonder, Wings, Treasure and so many other little things to see and feel.  It is a book to calm the soul in a not so calm world. Melissa Castrillon's thoughtful and detailed illustrations present a magical world that will make anyone want to live there.  The illustrations remind me a bit of Holly Hobbie's little girl in the bonnet....just as sweet.

This is the kind of book to be read---as I said---on a snuggly kind of a day or as a relaxing bedtime story for little ones.  But I also see it as a book to be given to friends ---young or old---because of it's tranquil message of dreams and love. It is a love letter to be read all year long but especially appropriate today because tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

Wishing peace and love to all!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

One City, Two Brothers by Chris Smith illustrated by Aurélia Fronty

Happy New Years!  It has been quite awhile since I have posted.  This is mainly due to the fact that my new job has kept me very busy.  I love working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It has been a very enriching experience.  One of the exhibits that I have had the privilege to be working with on the retail side was called Jerusalem 1000-1400: Every People Under Heaven.  It was a beautiful exhibit with some wonderful pieces of art. I say "was" because sadly it is closing today and most of the art work will go back to their original owners.  It was quite breathtaking.  In the exhibits shop we sold many beautiful things.....some even delicious---the chocolate is so good.  Of course there were many beautiful and interesting books to accompany the exhibition.  There were a few children's books but today's book stood out the most for me because of the message it sends.

One City, Two Brothers by Chris Smith and illustrated by AurĂ©lia Fronty is a wonderful children's version of a traditional story.  It tells the story of two bickering brothers who are fighting over their inheritance in front of King Solomon.  The king  in turn tells the story of the beginnings of Jerusalem and two similar brothers who love each other so much that they secretly want to share their wealth with the other.  It is a beautiful story that demonstrates how caring, sharing, kindness and love for others is more important than who deserves something more....I loved the way this story is told.  It is written simply so that even a young child can understand the meaning. The illustrations are wonderful too...colorful and enchanting.  This is an "all ages" type of book... perfect to read aloud.