Sunday, April 3, 2016

Daniel Finds a Poem by Micha Archer

I love Poetry Month...especially when I find find new books to read and uncover.  This one jumped out at me because one of my favorite people is my nephew and godson Daniel.  He is a bit old for this book as he is in college but it still reminds me of him when he was a little boy.  I remember our walks with his constant monologue and questions about all that we encountered....from cars to the pond and animals we met along the way.

Daniel Finds a Poem written and illustrated by Micha Archer is a wonderful introduction of poetry for a child.  What is Poetry? This sweet book is the story of a little boy who wants the answer to that question.  He discovers it all around him as he walks through the park from the animals and creatures that he meets.  At the end of the book Daniel presents all he has discovered in the form of a poem.  This book is not only an introduction to poetry but to nature as well.  I love the lyrical way in which it is written alongside it's sweet illustrations.  This is a perfect book for a classroom, library or a child's bookshelf.  A great book to be read again and again.