Saturday, November 22, 2014

Leontyne Price: Voice of a Century by Carole Boston Weatherford illustrated by Raul Colon

I am thinking of my Dad today because it is the anniversary of his death.  He was a great Dad who loved his family very much.  It is only now after so many years that I realize how much he taught me.

I always tell people I get my love of music from my parents.  My Mom was always singing and my Dad loved anything to do with music.  While they never really liked "popular" music they did appreciate all kinds.  That being said they both loved classical music the best.  I have written about this before when I wrote about the book Aida.  Coincidentally that book was written by Leontyne Price so today's book seemed like an extension of that recommendation.  Like I said in that posting my Dad and I would sit and listen to the opera on a Saturday afternoon.  It is one of my most cherished memories of my Dad.  Even after all this time whenever I hear certain strains of music it reminds me of him.

So today in his honor I am recommending a lovely book about one of his favorite opera singers.  He would have appreciated it.....

Leontyne Price: Voice of a Century by Carole Boston Weatherford and illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators Raul Colon is a wonderful biographical picture book. I don't usually recommend books that are not published yet but as it is coming out next month I think I can make an exception. It can be pre-ordered~I have attached a link.    It would make a great gift for the youngest musician in your life.  It highlights Leontyne's love of music and how she was drawn to opera from listening to the radio.  This book shows how perseverance and talent gave the world a beautiful gift~the gift of her voice.  Raul Colon's illustrations are beautiful too and match Carol Boston Weatherford's text perfectly.