Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve!

As today is the last day of the year I thought it would be a great time to recap some of the new 2009 books I suggested since I started this blog. I want this blog to be a place for people to go if they have a question about a book or want a suggestion for a child in their life. My goal is to be helpful~so here in no particular order are some of the 2009 books I suggested this year!


All the Broken Pieces by Ann Burg (you know I had to do this one first )
The Marvelous Toy by Tom Paxton
Scanimations: Waddle! by Rufus Butler Seder
Princess Hyacinth by Florence Parry Heide
Otis by Loren Long
Lion & the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney
Leaving the Bellweathers by Kristin Clark Venuti
The Curious Garden by Peter Brown
The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z by Kate Messner
Big Frog Can't Fit In by Mo Willems
Violet Wings by Victoria Hanley
Here Comes Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara
Boris & the Wrong Shadow by Leigh Hodge Kinson
Heart of a Snowman by Mary Kuryla

I know these two books are technically reissues but they were reissued this year and I just wanted to mention them again:

Giant John by Arnold Lobel
The First Night by B.G Hennessey


So Happy New Year ~looking forward to more great new books to recommend!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

Today is the Fifth Day of Kwanzaa~it is called Nia or Purpose. We all want to have a reason for being in life, I know I do. How do we teach our children about what a purpose is. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein I think is a perfect book to read to children about having purpose. I know some people see this book with controversy, the tree gives everything to the boy but gets nothing in return. I see it differently. The tree has a purpose and because of her love of the boy she gives all she can to make him happy. The tree has a reason for being ~may we all have the satisfaction some day of knowing why we are here!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Flashback Tuesday: Angelina Ice Skate's by Katharine Holabird Illus Helen Craig

Yesterday I talked about New Year's books , well today I wanted to suggest an old favorite. Angelina Ice Skates is part of the Angelina Ballerina series of books. I always liked this particular book because it was a holiday book that everyone could enjoy. When this book originally came out back in the early 90's there were not many books that took place at New Year's. Angelina Ice Skates is all about a New Years Eve ice dance so it is appropriate for today. Even though it is about a "ballerina" it also has hockey players and a fantastic snow ball fight so that it appeals to boys & is a fun book to read.
It is a classic story to read again & again!

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Books

New Year's Eve is coming up so I thought it would be a good time to suggest some books to read to the kids before the ball drops. Most kid's I know love New Year's Eve because they get to stay up late~

There seems to be a book for every holiday these days~New Year's is no exception. Here is a list of fun books to read while we wait for the New Year to begin.

P.Bear's New Year's Party: A Counting Book by Owen Paul Lewis

The Night Before New Year's by Natasha Wing & Amy Wummer

Happy New Year's Corduroy by Don Freeman & Lisa McCue

New Year's Day (Holiday Histories) by Kathryn A. Imler

Shante Key's & the New Year's Peas by Gail Piernas -Davenport & Marion Eldridge

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Reference Sunday: Tsunami: Helping Each Other by Ann Morris & Heidi Larson

It has been 5 years since a Tsunami destroyed parts of Asia. It happened the day after Christmas 2004. There are many books that have been written since the disaster but none so poignant as Tsunami: Helping Each Other is. This is a great book for children because it is told very visually with its many photographs. It also focuses on the children who were affected by the tragedy. The two boys it highlights, Chaiya & Chaipreak, were just 8 & 12 years old at the time. They are beautiful children who have suffered a great sadness. The book not only tells children what Tsunami's are but how they can change the lives of anyone.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go by Richard Scarry

Yesterday ~Christmas Day~was my oldest nephew's birthday. Coincidentally his son Oliver was also born on Christmas 1 year ago. I remember distinctly the day my nephew Michael Louis was born~we were in the Bronx at my aunt's for dinner when we got the call. Needless to say we were too excited to really eat after that. My Dad piled us all in the car~including the dog~and drove us to Ohio for New Years. It was really just to see his new grandson.

When my nephew Michael was a little boy he loved his little matchbox cars. He was always very orderly about them. It would make sense that one of his favorite books was the Richard Scarry book Cars & Trucks & Things That Go. He would look at it for hours. This is a classic book for any child in your life!
Happy Birthday Michael Louis! Happy First Birthday Oliver!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The First Night by B.G. Hennessy Illus Lou Fancher

Happy Christmas Eve! Here is another great book that has been reissued and that I have always loved. A friend of mine reminded me of this book as it is her favorite too!

The First Night by B.G. Hennessy is a beautifully simple retelling of the birth of Jesus. It has a quietness about it that reminds us of what Christmas is all about~the birth of a child.

This is a great book to read to children because it is not preachy at all. I used to read it at story time just for that reason. It told the Christmas story with simple phrases and lovely illustrations. This is a must have on any Christmas shelf.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Calls by William Joyce

I am not sure I ever mentioned this before but back when I was in the stores I very rarely bought books for myself. The books I bought were usually gifts. It had to be a very special book for me to buy for myself.

Santa Calls by William Joyce was one of those special books. I loved it as soon as I saw it. The art deco design was right up my alley and it gave me a warm feeling when I first picked it up. The warm feeling continued as I read it. It really is a magical story about a boy, his sister and his friend who meet Santa while having a wonderful adventure. It really does invoke the spirit of Christmas.

Years later when I was working as a children's book buyer I had the good fortune to meet William Joyce. I brought along my book for him to sign~it was a happy moment for me. By an odd coincidence there was a man there who looked like Santa Claus~Mr. Joyce thought that was very funny and invited him over to speak to us. It is probably one of my memorable author lunches ever. I also loved the Saks Fifth Ave in NYC used his illustrations for their window~I actually stood in a very long line just to pass by and view it up close~although it was cold out I still got that warm feeling inside.
This is a wonderful book for any age to remind us of the magic of Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Flashback Tuesday: Giant John by Arnold Lobel

I just found out that one of my favorite books as a kid has been reissued with a new cover. I loved the book Giant John by Arnold Lobel. The copy we had was from the Weekly Reader we used to get at school.

As I said this is one of my favorite books~I can still see the illustrations~the castle, the king & queen, princess & dog. I loved the part where the fairies come and make John dance and then how they felt sorry when his dancing destroyed the castle. One of my favorite illustrations was of when John goes home to find his mother so desperate for food that she is about to eat her shoe. Oh and the part where they only had two potato chips left in cupboard....I could go on and on.

When my niece Celia was a little girl I used to read it to her. She always wanted to take the book home but I couldn't part with it. There is also an illustration with the moon in it~I think it was one of her first words. A few years ago I finally found a few copies on an out of print website and bought it for all my siblings. I of course, still have the original.
This is a great book for any kid~it is one of the most fun books to read aloud~a classic story for everyone! It makes a great gift!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Here Comes Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara

Today is the first day of Winter~although it feels like it has been here for months already. My favorite part of the Winter Solstice is that the days start to get longer again. I really don't like the dark.

In Honor of this first day of Winter I thought I would suggest a beautiful new book by Kuzuno Kohara called Here Comes Jack Frost. This is a wonderful book to read today and in the coming days because it is about the joy of appreciating the coldest time of year. At least here in this hemisphere. The sweet lyrical words evoke a kind magic that is also present in the illustrations. The story also shows how a child can use their imagination to have fun.
This would be a perfect last minute gift for any child!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Reference Sunday: Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa starts the day after Christmas so I thought I would suggest some books that would be a preparation for this important festival. Kwanzaa is nice because it reminds us that the season should not be just about getting presents but about being responsible for the world around us. Kwanzaa has a great message for all.

When I first started in the bookstore there were not many books about this holiday. The ones that were around were hard to read aloud~luckily that is changed. There are different books for different ages ~some more informational than others and some just for fun. Enjoy!


Children's Book Of Kwanzaa by Dolores Johnson; ages 9-12 but great for the whole family
My First Kwanzaa Book by Deborah Chocolate; ages 4-8 great read aloud
Sound of Kwanzaa by Dimitrea Tokunbo; ages 4-8 just published fun read aloud
My First Kwanzaa by Karen Katz; ages 4-8 great preschool book
Kwanzaa Celebration Pop-up by Nancy Williams & Robert Sabuda; gotta love a pop-up all ages
These are just a few of my favorites, I hope you enjoy them. Habari Gani!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Little Tree by E. E. Cummings illust by Chris Raschka

While at the New York Public Library yesterday I saw a wonderful display for Christmas.
In the display case was a Christmas card sent by E.E. Cummings and his wife. It opened like a door and inside was the poem Little the shape of a tree. It was so beautiful that I wished someone would send me a card like that. It is a sweet little poem that captures the spirit of the season. This would be a great little book to cuddle and read today~

Friday, December 18, 2009

Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen Illus Kevin Hawkes

This is a late post today but I have a good reason. I spent a wonderful day at the NY Public Library. After many years of passing by this beautiful building I finally went in. I was helping my sister do some research for a story she is interested in. It is a wonderful place to go and I can't wait to go back just to look around.

In honor of my visit I wanted to recommend a really sweet story called Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen and Illus by Kevin Hawkes. I loved this book when it first came out. It isn't a stodgy book about a library but a really sweet story that is fun to read. I also love the soft illustrations~I think I have mentioned before how much I love lions, well I would love to have this one around. This is a wonderful book to give to a child to help them appreciate what a library is. So here is to Patience & Fortitude and all that they teach us!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heart of a Snowman by Mary Kuryla Illus by Eugene Yelchin

Every year it amazes me that so many new Christmas books are published. Just when I think that a new story can't be written I find one that is special and magical.

Heart of A Snowman is just that kind of a book. It is a magical story of a boy who builds a snowman every year on Christmas Eve only to have it disappear by Christmas morning. The illustrations of the snowman are wonderful as is the expressions on the characters faces. They are real and inviting. The story too has such wonderful elements that remind us of the true meaning of Christmas and that "love" is central to that meaning. It isn't preachy or overbearing and makes a good read aloud. I especially love the relationship between the boy and his sister ~as it is a true depiction of siblings.
This would make a great gift ~a really sweet story to be read year after year...a new timeless tale!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gift Ideas for Middle Grade Readers!

My nephews love the book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. These are great books for a reluctant reader. The problem is the author doesn't write them fast enough~at least that is what I have heard from parents. I thought I would suggest some great fun books to hold your young reader over until the next Wimpy Kid comes out~they also make great gifts.

Stink: The Incredibly Shrinking Kid & other Stink titles by Megan MacDonald are really funny books that is sure to charm. Her Judy Moody books are great too!
My Weird School Daze series and My Weird School Series by Dan Gutman~I have actually seen kids laugh out loud with these books. The titles can make anyone laugh!
Books by Andy Griffiths are fun too, like the Just Joking, or Just Disgusting even the Day My Butt Went Psycho~ to name a few....
The books by an author named Pseudonymous Bosh are really really eye catching and are quite unique:
This Book is Not Good For You
If Your Reading This, It's Too Late
The Name of the Book is Secret
Here is a first in a new series:
Nerds: National Espionage, Rescue, & Defense by Michael Buckley
Finally there is always any book by Dav Pilkey~he is great!
These are just a few books for the reluctant readers or any other child in your life to enjoy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Flashback Tuesday: Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree by Robert Barry

This wonderful book was originally published in 1963. It was a simple book with simple illustrations. About 10 years ago it was rediscovered and reprinted in full color. I am so glad it was....actually if I recall correctly a former boss of mine loved this book. I think he was instrumental in bringing it back. He would go on and on about how this was his favorite Christmas book, a book I vaguely remembered but loved the minute I saw it. The newer version has a richer feel but it is the story's message that is timeless.

It is a classic story that stands as a testament to today's idea of never letting anything going to waste. There is a love and warmth to it that begs to be read. This is a must have on every child's Christmas storybook shelf~to be read & reread year after year.

Mr Willowby's Christmas Tree would make a lovely gift for any family you know! Enjoy!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Boris and the Wrong Shadow by Leigh Hodgkinson

Boris & the Wrong Shadow is this really cute story about a cat who wakes up one day to find that his shadow is that of a mouse. What caught my eye first was the name "Boris" ~a name that is rarely heard. The next thing was the cover illustration of a cat with a "mouse" shadow. It is definitly eyecatching and begs to be picked up and read. The reading was fun too. It makes a great read aloud for kids~I love the way the text glides along. The illustrations are also fun, something on every page for kids to discover. A great book to read again and again without getting tired of it.

I looked it up on the web and noticed that in the UK it is called Colin & the Wrong Shadow~gotta say I think "Boris" is a better name~

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Really, Really Big Questions by Stephen Law Illus by Nishant Choksi

I found this really quirky book that asks really great questions. It is supposed to be for kids ages 9-12 but I know some adults I could give it to.

The book is titled: Really, Really Big Questions About the Weird, the Wonderful & Everything Else~Stephen Law

This book is so much fun with it's retro illustrations and great insightful questions. It has wonderful brain teasers and quotations to really get a conversation started. One of the questions I noticed was "have you ever looked at your dog and wondered what it is really thinking"? Gotta say I always wonder what goes on in an animals brain.

This is the perfect gift for any inquisitive child or adult you know. I love the way it is packaged and presented....! A book for everyone to enjoy!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let There Be Peace on Earth: And Let It Begin with Me (Book & CD) by Jill Jackson & Sy Miller; illus by David Diaz

In honor of the Nobel Peace Prize being handed out this week I thought I would recommend this lovely picture book based on the beautiful song.

Let There Be Peace On Earth: And Let It Begin With Me is a beautifully illustrated rendition of the popular song we all know. I remember singing this in school and church when I was young. I always loved the words which can make me cry to this day. Caldecott winner David Diaz's illustrations invoke a warm feeling of love and peace for all.

This is a great book to buy for the holidays~no matter what one we celebrate~ because it can be given to anyone. It includes a CD with 12 songs written by the authors. It is hard to believe that this song has been around since 1955 and that it's message is needed as much now as it did then. This is truly a special book!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Hanukkah

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah! All week I have given my recommendations for some great books to read for this special holiday. I think I was remiss in not suggesting some great books for toddlers! So here are some of my favorite books for the littlest ones among us:


Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel Illus by Stephen Carpenter
Here is the Dreidel song with great illustrations~it has a sound chip that plays the music.

My First Hanukkah Board Book by Dk Publishing
A chunky board book with great photographs about the holiday.

My First Chanukah (board book) by Tomie DePaola
Tomie DePaola's warm illustrations highlight this simple book.

D is for Dreidel by Tanya Lee Stone
A great little Hanukkah alphabet book.

Where is Baby's Dreidel?: A lift the flap book by Karen Katz
From the author of Counting Kisses comes this sweet lift the flap book for babies.

My First Menorah by Salina Yoon
Kids should love the sparkly foil on each's as if a candle is lit each time a page is turned.


So I hope all the little ones enjoy these books and the fun of the next eight days!

Happy Hanukkah!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily Dickinson ( & my sister Ann)

Growing up the Christmas season never really started until after Dec 10th. This is because Dec 10th is my sister's birthday. Only after her birthday could we even think about buying presents or decorating for Christmas.

I always thought it was amazing that my sister shared a birthday with her favorite poet Emily Dickinson. Some would say that my sister, Ann E. Burg, channels Emily while she writes. They not only share a birth date but a middle name and a slight resemblance.
I thought in honor of both their birthdays I would suggest a great poetry book series that would make a wonderful gift. The Poetry for Young People series published by Sterling books has been around for many years. This series of books is a great way to introduce poets to a young audience. There are even a few anthologies on the list. I always liked these books because the illustrations for each book is as different as the poets they talk about. They are informative but not preachy and they give the best examples of a poets works.
Here are a few of my favorites:
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Edgar Allen Poe
Edward Lear
Langston Hughes
Maya Angelou
Robert Frost
William Shakespeare
Again there is a whole list of others to choose from. The anthologies deal with things like the seasons, animals & American Poetry. So pick one out for any child you know and bring them a gift of poetry.
Happy Birthday Ann (& Emily)!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Little Red Fire Truck by Stephen T. Johnson

It has been almost 10 years since Caldecott Honor recipient Stephen T. Johnson came out with his bestselling preschool book: My Little Red Toolbox. This was such a fun book for preschoolers because it was interactive and made such a great and impressive gift.
When I was a buyer one of my subjects was preschool. Most of the books in this area were usually based on kids TV shows or toys or movies. When My Little Red Toolbox came out it was such fun to carry something in the stores that had nothing to do with a TV show.
After he did the toolbox book he came out with My Little Blue Robot and while it was a fun book it didn't have the same catch as the first one. ( I still have the robot book in a box in my office, every time I move the box the robot "speaks" and scares the living daylights out of me!)
His third book in the this series I thought was really cute----My Little Yellow Taxi. This is a fun book because all little kids like to pretend to drive.
While all his previous books in this interactive genre are great fun I think he has finally hit the perfect subject. My Little Red Fire Truck has all the elements little boys (& some girls) love. While in the stores and even as a buyer fire truck books were always the biggest sellers.
In this book children can have hours of fun and even learn how to tell time.
My Little Red Fire Truck makes a great gift and the price can't be beat.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Flashback Tuesday: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

When I was little one of my favorite gifts one Christmas was a copy of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens illustrated by Arthur Rackman. I loved this book. I reread it every year right before Christmas.

I think this is the perfect time to recommend this book. I always think this would be a great read aloud before the holidays. The kind of thing that can be read one chapter at a time each night, until Christmas. It is great way for families to spend time together or cuddle up before going to bed.

Normally I wouldn't suggest getting an abridged addition but sometimes they can be useful. When I was in the stores an abridged addition came in that I used to put on a performance in the store. It was great. I got a few staff members to help and we stood on the steps and read the story to the customers....we even served cider and cocoa at the end. It was so much fun. This might be a good thing to do with children or even adults at any holiday party.....

Since A Christmas Carol is considered public domain there are many issues out in the world. I like the ones with the original illustrations by Rackman but there are many other ones to choose from. So go out and find the copy you like and reread this classic story!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Celebrating Hanukkah & Christmas!

I know so many families that celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas that I thought I would highlight some books that deal with both holidays. When I was first in books there were not many titles that dealt with these two holidays. I am happy to say that there are more are more out there to accommodate the true melting pot we live in.


There is No Such Thing as a Hanukkah Bush, Sandy Goldstein by Susan Sussman
This is the first book I ever saw that dealt with both holidays, it is beautifully written for an older child but would make a great read aloud for the younger set.
Light the Lights! A Story About Celebrating Hanukkah & Christmas by Margaret Mooreman
This too is one of the earlier books on Hanukkah & Christmas ----a classic & a must have.
The Trees of Dancing Goats by Patricia Polacco
Another wonderful story by one of my favorite authors...truly special.
Elijah's Angel: A Story for Chankah & Christmas by Michael Rosen
I love this book~always read at storytime...beautifully illustrated!
My Two Grandmothers by Effin Older
Sweet story about sharing a girl celebrating each holiday with her different grandmothers...
Christmas & Hanukkah by Elizabeth Dice
A nice nonfiction title that talks about both holidays to share!
My Daddy is Jewish & My Mother is Christian by Michele Lee Meyer
A great book that shows both faiths and how they can work together.
The Latke who Couldn't Stop Screaming by Lemony Snicket
Such a funny book by the "author" of the Series of Unfortunate Events books~great book to give as a gift to anyone.
So to everyone who celebrates both: Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reference Sunday: The Everything Kids' Hanukkah by Beth L. Blair; Celebrate Hanukkah by Deborah Heiligman

Today I wanted to suggest a book that would be great in the helping of celebrating Hanukkah. I couldn't decide between two good books that give great information about the holiday including activities, crafts, songs, even recipes.

The first one the Everything Kids' Hanukkah Puzzle & Activity Book is great because it has more than 100 games and activities for kids to learn about Hanukkah with. It is easy to understand and totally kids friendly.

The second book Celebrate Hanukkah: with Light, Latkes, & Dreidels is wonderful because it shows how to celebrate the holiday using stunning photographs of celebrations around the world. It even has a great latke recipe.

Both books would be great additions to any family library to reference at this special time~

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hanukkah Books

A week from now is Hanukkah. Yesterday I wrote about a new book but today I thought I would list some of my favorite Hanukkah books.

These to me are great for all ages and would make perfect gifts.

Hershel & the Hanukkah Goblins by Eric Kimmel
One of my all time favorites and a Caldecott Honor book too!

Light the Candles: A Hanukkah Lift the Flap Book by Joan Golub
A fun book for kids to interact with.

Sammy Spider's First Hanukkah by Sylvia A. Rouss
Part of a series that introduces the holidays to preschoolers.

Festival of Lights: the Story of Hanukkah by Maida Silverman
This book tells the story of Hanukkah, the legend of the Menorah & gives instructions to make a dreidle.

Great books for a beautiful holiday!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Amazing Menorah of Mazeltown by Joy Fate & Harold Dresner Illus by Neil Shapiro

With a week to go before Hanukkah begins next Friday, I thought I would suggest a great book for this wonderful holiday. I have always liked the message of Hanukkah...the idea of a "Festival of Lights" is very inspiring.

While in the stores this was a fun holiday to celebrate because it is so joyous. I wished I had this book to read when I used to do storytimes. What I like about this book is that is not just a retelling of the Hanukkah story but a new take on celebrating it. The illustrations are sweet and accessible and the story is fun to read. If you are shopping for Hanukkah this weekend this would be a great book to have for your own children~it would also make a great gift.
Tomorrow I will give a list of some great classic Hanukkah stories that are sure to please every age.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The True Gift: A Christmas Story by Patricia MacLachlan illus by Brian Floca

I have always love to read Patricia MacLachlan, she is one of those writers that doesn't need alot of words to get her point across. Her books always have a lyrical feel to them.

The True Gift: A Christmas Story is another lyrical book. Yes, it is sentimental but this time of year is when we need that in our lives. I love how it has a message that speaks to children and adults. I think it is message that still needs to be heard. Basically the adage is true: It is better to give than receive~.

I think most of yearn for tradition. We want everything to be the same as last year or the year before. We have this desire to do things like we did as kids. But as in life things change, traditions change. Sometimes we learn this early and sometimes it takes awhile. This book shows us adults that sometimes change is good and that we can make new traditions. Sometimes it takes a child to teach us. This beautifully illustrated and poetic book it a great addition to any holiday tradition~a perfect family gift too!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z by Kate Messner

I recently read The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z by Kate Messner. It made me flashback to my own childhood and the projects I always hated to do. I was a lot like Gianna in that I totally procrastinated on any thing I had to do. To this day I am still a bit of a procrastinator. I remember staying up late to make a giant tooth for my science class~well I stayed up and watched my father make the tooth out of my credit I did write the report (with a little help from my sister). Actually my father was a great one for pretty much helping with our school projects. Since he was a commercial artist my covers were always perfect. I also remember the time he "helped" my brother Michael make a diorama of a kitchen for math class. It was incredible right down to the detailed groceries in the grocery bags.

This is what was so nice about this book. The characters are ones we can totally identify with, right down to the nemesis. The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z has all the feel of some of the greatest school stories. If you know a child who loves Andrew Clements books like Frindle or Lunch Money etc., then they will love this book.

As a bookseller this is the type of book that is easy to sell because the kids will like it and the parents will too. It would make a great gift!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flashback Tuesday: Dr Seuss Books: How the Grinch Stole Christmas etc

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is probably one of the best Christmas books ever written. As a bookseller and later as a children's book buyer this was one of the only Christmas books that I would keep stocked all year long. I wouldn't keep many copies in all stores but at least one or two. During my years as a buyer, Dr Seuss was one of the subjects that I bought. As I kept track of the category it always amazed me that people bought this in the middle of July. I think because it is iconic and makes a great gift.

I am including all of Dr Seuss as part of today's Flashback Tuesday because all his books reminds us of our childhood. They have withstood the test of time. Dr Seuss books are the books I would recommend that new booksellers should suggest because even they knew them ~it is always easier to recommend what you know.

There are so many Dr Seuss books that it would be hard to list them all. We all know Cat in the Hat or Green Eggs & Ham or Horton Hears a Who but how about Yertle the Turtle or The Butter Battle Book. There are even great anthologies if you just want to buy one book as a family gift.

This is a great time of year to add to a child's library as most stores and even online have the yearly Buy 2 get the 3rd free promotion going on. They make perfect gifts especially with families with lots of different aged children.