Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Boy and a Jaguar by Alan Rabinowitz illustrated by Catie Chien

Found this wonderful book that was so sweet I wanted to write about it.  It wasn't until researching the title did I realize it is true story about a real little boy.  This little boy grew up to be the champion of animals and a major conservationist.

A Boy and a Jaguar by Alan Rabinowitz and illustrated so wonderfully by Catie Chien is great new autobiographical picture book.  Mr Rabinowitz tells the story of his childhood and how he became interested in helping the big cats and other animals of the world.  It is the story of a little boy who stutters but who becomes so passionate about helping animals that he overcomes his affliction to become their voice.  This is a great book to teach children that they can grow up and overcome any difficulty to help those in need.  This truly inspiring story that is beautifully written and illustrated. It is  a must have for any classroom.  It is also a great book for the child who loves animals that could encourage them and show them how they too can be helpful.  It is a great read aloud too.....