Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flashback Tuesday: Mary Poppins in the Kitchen by P.L. Travers

According to Anita Silvey's Book a Day Almanac it has been 85 years since Mary Poppins first came on the scene.   

When I was a little girl I got for Christmas one year my one and only Mary Poppins book.  

Mary Poppins in the Kitchen A Cookery Book with a Story by P.L Travers, illustrations by Mary Shepard and Culinary Consultant Maurice Moore-Betty is  one of my favorite childhood books .   I only knew Mary Poppins from the movie so when I got the book I was intrigued to read that there were more children and that Mary Poppins was actually a part of the household for more than a couple of days.   I loved reading the story and reading the recipes.   I can still see myself making the roast chicken with the help of my Mother.  I still have my copy with food stains all over it and my Mother's handwriting where she had inscribed it with my name and year of the gift.   It is something I will always treasure.   

It is actually a great little cookbook....the recipes aren't hard and the story is sweet.   I perfect little gift to share.   

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  1. Thank you for sharing about this little treasure, Rosemary. I have always loved Mary Poppins!