Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flashback Tuesday: How to Behave and Why by Munro Leaf

I was so excited to see today's book in a store that couldn't wait to write about it.   I used to love Munro Leaf's "teaching" books for kids.  They were always so much fun to read....and of course I am a big fan of The Story of Ferdinand.

How to Behave and Why by Munro Leaf is a great book to read to children as they begin a new school year.    It is a great book to help children how they should act towards other people.  I love the life lesson it brings to not just children but to anyone.

"No matter where you are or who you are, there are four main things that you have to do if you want to make good friends and keep them.

You have to be HONEST
You have to be FAIR
You have to be STRONG
and you have to be WISE
And there is no good in trying to fool yourself. All that isn't so easy." 

It is a great way to teach etiquette and manners without being preachy.   These are wonderful life lessons for any age.   This book would make a great graduation present too....so it is good to read at the beginning of school and at the end.   I even know some grown ups who need to be reminded about how to treat the people around them.   


  1. I had an ancient, tattered copy of "Manners Can Be Fun" -- I think it had been my uncle's. To this day, I remember the segment on litterbugs...think that's why I'm so careful!