Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Believe: A Pop Up Book of Possibilities by Robert Sabuda

It's spring or at least it is supposed to be spring----the weather seems to think it is still winter.  The only positive is that the trees are green, the birds are singing and it is light when I get up and come home from work.

Spring brings the dream of possibilities to fruition.  It is a time to feel that anything is possible.  It is an awakening of mind and spirit.   When I came into work after being out for a few days I found a new book on our shelves (an aside we moved the children's book section to right where my office door is centered.   It makes me happy to enter my office through a sea of children's books).  Anyway I saw on the shelf today's recommendation.   I loved it immediately....not just because I love everything Robert Sabuda creates but because of the message it sends.  It comes out at a time of year when graduations are prevalent. This means it is meant to be a gift book for graduates.  I do agree that the message it sends is perfect for the graduate but I also truly think it is meant for anyone who is struggling with thoughts of the future.

Believe: A Pop Up book of Possibilities written and illustrated by Robert Sabuda is simple and intricate at the same time.  Each spread evokes something that is possible: something from nothing.....an acorn becomes a tree etc.  I love how Robert Sabuda has gone back to simple white silhouette's of images....so calming and beautiful in their simplicity.  While this is perfect for a graduate because it helps them continue their journey it is also perfect for anyone who needs a reminder that every morning is a new possibility.  Every new experience whether good or bad can turn into something wonderful.  I would give this book to someone who is questioning their life.....if someone you know is having difficulty moving forward this might gently push them onward.   I love this because we all must continue to BELIEVE in a world of POSSIBILITIES....a must have book for everyone.

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