Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Belly Book by Fran Manushkin illustrated by Dan Yaccarino

So it is a bit of stretch that today's book is non-fiction( so I didn't feel comfortable saying my usual "Reference Sunday")  but it is such a cute book I can't help but recommend it. It sorta non-fiction because it does talk about the body etc.... ;)

The Belly Book by Fran Manushkin and illustrated by Dan Yaccarino is one of the sweetest books I have seen that can also teach children about their body.   The rhymes are really cute and sweet and the illustrations make me smile.  This is a great little read aloud that would make a fun story time.   Little kids will get a kick out of it as will Moms and Dads....a must have new book that will be read over and over again.  

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