Monday, May 28, 2012

Another Brother by Matthew Cordell

My brother Michael has three boys.    When they were younger his oldest son Daniel used to hate it when his youngest brother JoJo followed him around.   JoJo always wanted to do everything Daniel did.....he was the proverbial annoying younger brother.

Another Brother by Matthew Cordell reminded me of Daniel and JoJo.   Daniel was constantly complaining that his brother was copying him or wanting to hang out with him.  Little Davy reminds me so much of my nephew although in Davy's case he gets 12 younger brothers who are constantly copying him which makes him crazy....that is until they stop....the pay off at the end is sweet....

I really liked this book because kids could relate to it and because it makes a perfect story time book.   It is a fun read that begs to be read aloud.   I also love the illustrations....the expressions Davy makes are priceless.   This is a great book for group participation in that there are repetitive stanzas and lots for children to look and and discuss.   I was always one to discuss the books as we read them.....makes for a more interesting story time....

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