Saturday, January 5, 2013

Baby Penguins Everywhere by Melissa Guion

Happy New Year!  I can't believe it has been awhile since I posted anything new.  Here is a new book that I just love.

Baby Penguins Everywhere written and illustrated by Melissa Guion is a wonderful new book by a new author.   As usual it was the very sweet cover illustrations that drew my attention (Who doesn't love "baby penguins").    When I finally looked at the book I marveled at it's sweetness.  This is a great story time book and if I was still in the bookstore I would have many opportunities to read it to children.   Besides the obvious "winter story time" I would also read it for "Mother's Day"  or even a "family" story time.   The message is subtle that even though a parent loves to be with their children they sometimes need to recharge themselves with a little alone time.   I know the feeling, while I love to be with my nieces and nephews it can be overwhelming sometimes and I relish my quiet time.

I also see this as a gift to new parents.   New parents can't imagine that they would want to spend any time away from their child they shouldn't feel guilty for wanting to have a bit of quiet time to themselves.  I now so many Moms who do so much with and for their children but at the same time relish the time when the house is quiet and they can sit and read a book alone.  

Melissa Guion has done a wonderful job with her first book ---- I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.  A must have new book for any family library!

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