Sunday, January 20, 2013

Reference Sunday: US PRESIDENTS Oval Office All-Stars by Dan Green illustrated by Simon Basher

In honor of Inauguration Day I thought if would great to recommend a book on the Presidents of the United States.   There are quite a few on the shelves that have been updated to include the 2012 election but non as humorous and informative as today's book.

Basher History: US PRESIDENTS Oval Office All Stars created and illustrated by Simon Basher and written by Dan Green with Dr. Edward L. Widm a presidential historian is a great introduction to each of our United States Presidents.   I like that it is not overwhelming and tedious to read.   The information is  quirky and different.   I think children like to learn more than just the usual facts about anything.   While the illustrations are a bit cartoonish they do fit the style of the book.   I think this would be a great companion book to a more serious biographical book on the Presidents of the United States.   Sometimes kids need to see that not all history is just dry facts and figures.  

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