Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Flashback Tuesday: Night of the Gargoyles by Eve Bunting illustrated by David Wiesner

Happy Birthday David Wiesner!  In honor of this Caldecott winner's birthday I thought I would reach back and recommend one that I have always loved.  It is a bit of scary and somber book that is probably not suited for the very young but I find it a great read aloud with wonderful illustrations.

Night of the Gargoyles written by Eve Bunting and illustrated by David Wiesner is a magical story of statues coming to life.   According to the publisher it is meant for ages 9 and up but there are a few younger children I know who can handle this kind of scariness.  I have always been fascinated by gargoyles.   There have been quite a few books about gargoyles for children through the years, even a series or two, but this has always been my favorite.   I think because I have always liked fantasy I loved the idea of magical creatures coming to life after the sun goes down.   Growing up and visiting NYC with my father I marveled at the statues on the uppermost floors of old buildings.   Even when I worked in the city I loved to look at the buildings across from mine with their fearsome sculptures standing watch.   I love the rhythm of Eve Buntings words which make it a great story time book.   Most of all I love the illustrations.  The mere fact they are black and white charcoal drawings makes them timeless.   The detail is amazing and wondrous.   I have always loved his artwork but this holds a special place in my heart.   This is a book for all ages and a must for anyone who loves mystery and fantasy in their lives.    

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