Monday, February 11, 2013

The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot! by Scott Magoon

I always love a book that has a moral but tells it subtly.  I also love a fractured fairy tale or at least a new spin on an old story.   Such is the case with today's book. 

The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot written and illustrated by Scott Magoon is a retelling of the The Boy Who Cried Wolf.   Ben is a boy who tries to convince his family and friends that he has seen Bigfoot.   He goes to great lengths to prove it too.   I loved the illustrations in this book.   The fact that Mr Magoon sets his story in the past is quite charming.   There is plenty of humor for both kids and adults to find enjoyment in.  I especially love his little puppy who is so expressive!  Best of all it teaches a lesson about honesty without being preachy.   The boy learns a good lesson about telling the truth, repentance and forgiveness.   I always feel parables are a great way to learn something.    A must have new book.  

Oh visit the author's website....great background on the book plus famous video of "Bigfoot"! Click below:

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