Sunday, March 24, 2013

Reference Sunday: SAFARI A Photicular Book created by Dan Kainen written by Carol Kaufmann

I love when I find books that can be shared by the whole family.  Today's book is just that kind of a book.  It is informative and very entertaining.

SAFARI a Phototicular Book created by Dan Kainen and written by Carol Kaufmann is a fun way to learn about wild animals while going on a virtual safari.  This is done with 3D animation perfected in an astonishing way from the original Scanimations.  I originally wrote about the process in 2009.   I always thought the original books were amazing until I saw this book.   The photographs and the movement really look like you are watching a video of animals in the wild.  The text is easy to understand with lots of facts and information.   This is a perfect gift to bring to a family with lots of different age children.  There is something for everyone.

Oh check out the video below----amazing:

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