Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flashback Tuesday: The Complete Adventures of Curious George by H.A Rey

The other day my brother stopped by my house and noticed that I had finally cleaned up the boxes of books I had piled in the office.  Most of the books are children’s books so I didn’t think he would be interested in them.  I was a bit surprised when he said he wanted one of my copies of today’s book.   I then remembered he read Curious George books to his boys when they were little.  I specifically remember my nephew Daniel liking Curious George Rides a Bike. 

The Complete Adventures of Curious George by H.A Rey is the perfect gift for a new baby. Curious George is a classic character that all children should read.  While some of the original stories can seem dated they are still fun stories that can grow with your child.  I remember reading them to my nephews and at story time in the bookstore.  I always found they made for great teachable moments.  The books always made for good discussions on how to behave.  This is a must have book for any child’s bookshelf.   

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