Monday, March 15, 2010

Aida told by Leontyne Price Illus Leo & Diane Dillon

Today is March 15th, the Ides of March. It is also my father's birthday. I always loved how his birth date was memorable.

Yesterday I talked about my she and my Dad loved opera. My father loved classical music. He was always pretending to conduct the music using a pen or pencil. Sometimes he would just wave his hands. If he really loved a piece of music he would show you his arm filled with would just transform him.

When I was little we would sit on the couch and listen to Aida sung by Leontyne price( I think I still have the albums somewhere)....if I close my eyes I can still feel his arms around me as we sat there....I can still feel his heart.

This beautifully illustrated version of Aida told by Leontyne Price and the wonderful Leo & Diane Dillon is the perfect book to introduce opera to children. It is one of those companion pieces that transcends time. The fact that it has one the best opera singers attached to it is a plus. This is a great gift and must have for any bookshelf. My father would have loved it.

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