Thursday, March 5, 2015

If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson

Today is another really snowy day in the North East.  Personally the white stuff lost it's appeal for me in February.  I thought since we are all longing for good weather I would recommend a new book about the hope of spring.

If You Plant a Seed written and illustrated by Kadir Nelson, a two time Caldecott Honor Award recipient, that is the perfect book for another snowy day.  I am a big fan of Mr Nelson's illustrations and books.  This new book which was published this week is a perfect way to teach children what happens when they plant a little tiny seed.  The sparse text and beautiful paintings make this book a joy to read aloud.  What is also wonderful is that it isn't just about planting a carrot seed or a tomato seed but it is about planting the seeds of kindness and compassion.  While the carrot seed becomes a carrot,  Mr Nelson is also  teaching the youngest among that planting a seed of kindness begets something even sweeter.  Of course the animals (or children) don't learn this at first.  At first the little gardeners are selfish and won't share with the other animals who come begging.  Only after an enormous fight that nearly destroys everything does one small act of final kindness and sharing that in the end produces the biggest reward.  This book has many lessons to teach the young and the old.


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  2. didn't mean to delete my last comment ~ only to edit ~ sounds like a lovely book!