Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flashback Tuesday: Leaf Men by William Joyce

I originally wrote this post a few years ago.  It is still one of my favorite books.   Low and behold they have made a movie based on the book called EPIC.  It looks like a great movie....exciting and thrilling. While it isn't the story of the actual book it has enough of it's essence to make me want to see it.  I almost feel like the original book (by the wonderful William Joyce) is the perfect introduction to the film.  A sort of prequel.  I truly recommend reading the original book before you see the movie.  

The Leaf Men

(My original posting from 2010  follows----still relevant!)

I was reminded this past weekend of one of my favorite books.  While I was visiting my sisters new house she gave me a tour of her garden.   The previous owner was an avid gardener so there was much to look at.   My sister likes to garden too and I know that the garden was a huge selling point for her.   While she was showing me one section I saw three little ceramic birds just sitting there....she had told that when she was clearing out that section of the garden she just found them sitting there among the leaves.   It reminded me of the book I am suggesting today.

The Leaf Men (& the Brave Good Bugs)  by William Joyce is about a magical garden that has bugs saving the day and a "mysterious long lost toy" ~ which is what finding the ceramic birds reminded me of.   This is truly a special book about love and friendship.   I love books that bring magic and imagination to life.....as the old woman in the book says "....anything can happen on a beautiful moonlit night"....

Perfect for this time of year as gardens start to bloom....

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