Saturday, December 17, 2011

Teacher Gifts for the Holidays!

It's that time of year when parents need to get gifts for their children's teachers.  I know this gets harder and harder each year because as children get older they usually have more than one teacher a year.   When my sister taught school she would get lots of baked goods and mugs....believe me most of the mugs in my house were given to her by her students.   I thought I would give a suggestion for a great teacher gift. Not quite original but a good reminder.
            A friend of mine who is a teacher told a story of how her class is reading about Antarctica and how her kids can't get enough stories about penguins etc.   She said she borrowed the Magic Tree House #40: Eve of the Emperor Penguin from her son and they loved it.  He insisted that she was only to "borrow" it  as he wanted it back some day.   I love that story!

This is what parents can get their teachers....books for their classroom libraries.   Why not buy a book your child loved or something in that subject matter and donate it to a teacher's library.   A gift card to a local  independent bookstore would also be great!   This way you are not only helping cash strapped teachers but the community as well.   Teacher's always need more than one copy of a book too, especially if it is a popular title.

Another suggestion is to help teachers with many of my teacher friends spend their own money to support classroom activities....they don't make much as it is, so any help would be appreciated.   Bring some holiday spirit to the people who see your child each day and take care of is a great way to give back!

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