Friday, April 13, 2012

Poem Runs by Douglas Florian

Not only is April poetry month it is also the start of the baseball season.   I thought it would be appropriate to recommend a wonderful new book by Douglas Florian.   I am also excited to recommend a baseball poetry book on the day my Yankees won their home opener.....Go Yankees!

Poem Runs (Baseball Poems & Paintings) by Douglas Florian and published by Harcourt Children's Books has wonderful poems and illustrations that are sure to delight the youngest baseball fan.   I love the images and the colors not only in the actual paintings but in the way his poems are so visual in and of themselves.   I love the wordplay, so fun to read.   This is a perfect book for the classroom to introduce poetry to children.   It is also a must have book for the baseball lover in your life.


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  1. The combination of poetry and sports attracted me to this since I write poetry and my grandson is heavily into sports. Thank you for the review!