Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flashback Tuesday: Edward and the Pirates by David McPhail

Tomorrow is the 10th Anniversary of the International Talk Like A Pirate Day! In honor of such an auspicious day I would like to recommend one of my all time favorite pirate books.

Edward and the Pirates by David McPhail has always been one of my favorite stories.  This is the story of a little boy who discovers the joy of reading.   He reads everything he can get his hands on.  One day he discovers a book about pirates which comes to life around him.   I loved this book because it fosters a child's imagination.   The pirates who "invade" his room are searching for treasure, they think that Edward's book will tell them where it is.  After a huge ruckus Edward gives them the book only to realize they can't read.   I love that part---I love when children like to become teachers.   The illustrations are wonderful....so rich and colorful.   David McPhail is not only a great writer but an incredible illustrator.   This is great book for story time and perfect to read on International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  It also makes a great gift for a child who has a great imagination.

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