Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Two great New Board Books: Dive In! and Dig In! by April Jones Prince illustrated by Michelle Berg

It has been a busy summer. So busy I haven't had time to post any new books.   I am hoping to get back into the swing of things.  I have been working part time at a really great independent called Well Read (New & Used) Books in Hawthorne NJ.  It is great because I get see new books and old favorites as they come in the door and onto shelves.  I just really loved today's new board books.

Dig In! and it's companion Dive In! by April Jones Prince and illustrated so sweetly by Michelle Berg are two new interactive board books that are about construction sites.  I have construction on my mind because of all the work that is being done around my neighborhood.  It seems like there is a new detour every day.  Anyway I know how children can be mesmerized by construction vehicles in general so these two books would make great additions to a child's bookshelf.  They have the cutest little mice doing the construction but it is what they are "building" is a surprise at the end.  Easy to read with movable parts that will keep little fingers busy.  Great books to read during a lazy summer's day.                    

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