Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Mischievians by William Joyce

Today was an exciting day for me at the bookstore.  Anyone who knows me knows I love all things William Joyce....the man is pure genius in my book.  I have loved his illustrations and books for what seems like forever.  Which is why I got embarrassingly giddy when I came across his new picture book at the store today.  I opened it immediately to read it --- more embarrassment ensued when I snorted and laughed out loud while reading it.  My co-worker probably thought I was nuts.  Especially since we had just had a civilized discussion with a customer about the distinguished author Pat Conroy.  

The Mischievians by William Joyce is one of the funniest books I have read in a long time.  Not your typical picture book but then nothing Mr Joyce does is typical.  This is the book for the child (or grown-up) who have the usual questions, such as: Where's my homework? What happened to the remote? Where does belly button lint come from? and of course Why do socks go missing?

This book answers them all in the quirkiest way....we learn about The Mischievians who are "a race of global mischief makers"....

This is a must have new book----as I think all of William Joyce's books are must have books----but this one will make the child in your life giggle and laugh---which is always a lovely sound.  

I love the book trailer too!

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