Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Popcorn Astronauts and Other Biteable Rhymes by Deborah Ruddell illustrated by Joan Rankin

Happy World Read Aloud Day!  That's right today is the day we celebrate the joy and importance of reading aloud to children.  I love the idea of this day because I truly believe that reading aloud to children will help them become readers when they grow up.  To all those who love to read to children I salute you......

In honor of the day I was going to recommend some great read aloud picture books....but then I thought that is usually what I do anyway.  My blog is filled with books that I know would make a great read aloud. I decided to do something a bit different---at least to me.  I am not recommending a picture book per-se but a poetry book.  This was one of the Cybils finalists in poetry that I was privileged to judge.  While it didn't ultimately win it still has great merit and distinction.

Popcorn Astronauts and other Biteable Rhymes by Deborah Ruddell and illustrated by Joan Rankin is one of the most fun books I have recently read.  This is such a quirky and lively book that it begs to be read aloud.  This would be a fun story time book with a group of children because there are so many possibilities.  If I was still running a story time I would bring in all kinds of foods---as mentioned in the book and do all sorts of projects.  The popcorn itself is either a great snack or project source.  I also think children need to hear poetry as it helps the creative mind.  

This is a must have poetry book......


  1. Poetry speaks to the joyful rhythm
    of childhood! great choice!

  2. That looks like a fun book! Reading to children is so important and makes a big difference for them.