Sunday, September 5, 2010

Reference Sunday: Dictionaries

Last year when I first started my blog I did a post about back to school and getting the correct dictionary for your child.   Here is the link to my original post.   In this post I describe how most dictionaries are pretty much the same but it is important how comfortable the child is using it.   This of course holds true for a thesaurus and other books of reference.   When I wrote last years blog I hadn't gotten the knack of linking to books and photos.     Here is a list of Dictionaries that might appeal to children.   Remember if a child doesn't feel at ease using a reference book it will never get opened.  

Scholastic Children's Dictionary (2010 Edition)Scholastic Children's Dictionary (2010 Edition)  This is new and updated for  2010.

Merriam-Webster Children's DictionaryMerriam-Webster Children's Dictionary from Dk Publishing.  This  was last updated in 2008 but it is still quite viable.  

Merriam-Webster's Elementary DictionaryMerriam-Webster's Elementary Dictionary which was last updated in 2009....this is for older kids.   I like the graphics in this one. 

The American Heritage Children's Dictionary
The American Heritage Children's Dictionary from Houghton Mifflin also from 2009.  This was my favorite when I was young...well of course not this edition but you get what I mean. I liked how it was presented and at that time they were one of the first to use photographs as part of their descriptions. 

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