Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reference Sunday: Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed: The Legend and the Truth

Today is Johnny Appleseed's actual birth anniversary  having been born Sept 26th, 1774....last year I wrote about him stating:

Tomorrow is Johnny Appleseed's birthday~well actually it is John Chapman's birthday but he is better know as Johnny Appleseed. I have always loved the fact that Johnny Appleseed was based on a real person. In a way he was our first environmentalist. He cared about conservation and preservation. It is interesting to note that he didn't really sow seeds around the states but planted apple trees which he protected and nurtured. I also found it interesting that his birthday is in September, the start of the autumn season and the time when apple picking is at its height! So in honor of his birthday tomorrow I thought I would list some books that tell his story and the story of apples.


Johnny Appleseed: A Poem by Reeve Lindbergh
Johnny Appleseed by Carol Ottolenghi

Apple books:

Apples by Gail Gibbons
How Do Apples Grow by Betsey Maestro
Apple Picking Time by Michele B. Slawson

So every time you eat an apple think of the man who brought them to the world and who really lived!


I thought since no new books have come out I would just re-list them again.   This is what we would do in the bookstore....Johnny Appleseed really was a man before his time...imagine if he had the kinds of varieties of apples we have today....his seed bag would be really heavy.  ;)


  1. I heard that back in John Chapman's day, the apples were a very important crop...but not for food, for hard cider!! :-)