Monday, January 2, 2012

I Had a Favorite Dress by Boni Ashburn illustrated by Julia Denos

Happy New Year!   I was out window shopping today and came across a book that reminded me of my niece Celia.  I can't believe that she is pretty much a grown up now and all I could do is think of how she was when she was a little girl.  The girl in this new picture book reminded me of her.

I Had a Favorite Dress by Boni Ashburn and illustrated by Julia Denos is the story of a little girl who loves a certain dress and wears it on her favorite day of the week.  As time goes by the dress needs her Mom constantly reinvents the dress into something else.   The reason this reminded me of niece is because she has always loved clothes and would change her outfits a couple of times a day.   She too had a favorite dress that sadly became too small and when she tried to put it on again she got stuck in it.   I smile when I think of my sister trying to help her out the dress without cutting it off.   This is the perfect book for a little girl (or grown up girl) who loves to dress up or just loves clothes.  It is a great reminder at New Year's too that time moves on even if we don't want it to.   I love the way this is written and whimsical illustrations.   A fun new book for the New Year!

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  1. Just ordered this (and another of your featured books) for a little girl I know who's having a birthday -- can't wait to read it!
    As always, thanks for your good suggestions.