Monday, September 14, 2015

I Am Yoga by Susan Verde illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

I have officially only taken one Yoga class in my life. That being said I have done Yoga in my living room via my cable provider.  Which means that even if I am not doing the poses correctly I am hoping I am getting something out of them.

Years ago when I was a Children's Book Buyer I was presented with a book project that dealt with Yoga for children.  It was more than just a book but a program that had a non-book/video component.  Needless to say I thought it was interesting but from what I can recall it never got off the ground.  I think they were too ambitious in all that they wanted to do.

Fast forward to now and I find this very soothing book for children.

I Am Yoga written by Susan Verde and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds is a  new book that combines simple Yoga poses with sweet calming words that encourages a child's creativity.  The text as written by Ms Verde, a certified Yoga instructor, is lyrical and soothing which combined with Mr Reynolds illustrations makes a wonderful book to be read again and again.  I think this is a great book for story time as it can be very interactive.  I can even envision it being read during a preschool or kindergarten gym class --- wouldn't that be great , books helping to encourage movement. This is a perfect introduction of Yoga for children.  The added bonus is the Author's note in the back of the book which also has brief descriptions of the poses used in the book.

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