Sunday, September 27, 2015

You're Here for a Reason written and illustrated by Nancy Tillman

This week the United States hosted a visit from the Pope.  His message was clear to me--kindness to all and that everyone has a responsibility in this world.  Then I came across Nancy Tillman's new picture book which beautifully illustrates his message.

You're Here for a Reason by Nancy Tillman grabbed my attention as soon as I saw the cover.  Then I read it and realized it is perfect book for everyone to read to reaffirm our reason for being.  It teaches the youngest among us that they are special and important with out being preachy. There is nothing worse than a book that is wordy and preachy....

I love the illustrations they are soft and soothing. I also love the global feeling it presents---dare I say "diverse".

Besides being a great read aloud book for either bedtime or story time---in a classroom or bedroom....this book also makes a perfect gift. I would give this to a child starting school or even a grown up starting a new is meant to inspire and reassure that all are important.  To that end it would be a wonderful graduation gift too.

In this world where there are so many people being bullied and abused this book reminds us that we can rise up from our circumstances because everyone is "Here for a Reason".....beautifully done!

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