Friday, May 14, 2010

Hank Zipzer #17 A Brand New Me by Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver

A Brand-New Me! #17 (Hank Zipzer)

Niagara Falls, Or Does It? #1 (Hank Zipzer)
Way back in 2003, a lifetime ago, I met what was to become one of my favorite celebrity authors.   As a book buyer for a large retail chain I was privileged to to meet some really great people.   Some of the authors I met are not household names but some of them were.  Henry Winkler was, like I said, one of my favorites.

Hank Zipzer #17 A Brand New Me by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver is the last in the series of Hank Zipzer books that started with Hank Zipzer--Niagara Falls, Or Does It?  I really loved this series, not just because the author is famous and that I met him but because they were well written with a wonderful message.   I loved the fact that as a celebrity author Henry Winkler admitted that he had a co-writer.   Some celebrity authors use a ghost writer but not Mr Winkler.   Not only did he admit to having help with writing his books but he put his co-author right on the cover with him.   He was also the sweetest and kindest person I have ever met.   Sometimes when meeting a celebrity I had the feeling it was just a duty for them.   They were playing a part ---but not Henry Winkler.   I truly felt that he was happy to talk to me and that he enjoyed talking about his books.   He was so passionate about 'Hank Zipzer' that I could really sense his joy. 'Hank Zipzer" is the perfect classic character.

This is a great series for kids because it is funny and smart.   Mr Winkler and Ms Oliver do not talk down to their readers at all.   They truly understand children and that is conveyed in the books.   This is a must read series for any young reader.   I am sad that it has ended~~it was a glorious journey.   I highly recommend it.  

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