Sunday, May 2, 2010

Reference Sunday: Explaining Oil Spills to Children

                                Oil Spill! (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2)                        Oil Spills: Damage, Recovery, and Prevention (A Save-the-Earth Book)

All weekend long I watched the news about the huge oil spill near Louisiana.   This spill is considered an environmental disaster.   I children are probably asking questions about this....I know they are wondering what it could mean to them.   I thought I would list some books to help parents explain to their children the ramifications of this disaster.   I hope they help.

Oil Spill by Melvin Berger~ from Harpercollins Let's Read and Find Out Series of books.   These are great for preschoolers to about 2nd grade.   Easy to read and understand.  

Oil Spills: Damage, Recovery, and Prevention by Laurence Pringle ~ A Save the Earth book from William Morrow is for older children ages 9-12....great photos and explanations kids can understand.  Laurence Pringle is really great at this kind of thing. 

These are just two titles I think would help explain this current event~

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