Saturday, May 1, 2010

Get Talking Chinese from Dk Publishing

Get Talking Chinese                                                           

Today is my nephew Joseph's 11th birthday.   He is the kind of kid who lives by his own rules.  I remember the day of his birth so clearly.   All week long my brother asked me if the baby was born in the middle of the night would I come and watch his other boys.   I said no problem.  So early Saturday morning on May 1, 1999 around 4am my brother called and said to come over.   I threw on some clothes and raced out the door.  They live about 40 minutes from me but I think I made in 30....when I got to their house I saw an ambulance and police car parked outside.   I raced inside to find a cop at the top of the stairs smiling, to quote him "it's a done deal"....little JoJo didn't wait until I got there or for the hospital he came when he wanted his parents bed.   Like I said---he lives by his own rules.

This year I was struggling as to what gift I could get him....I saw one day a notice on their table for his classes next year.   Under language he checked off that he wanted to take Mandarin Chinese.   That's my JoJo~

Get Talking Chinese  from DK Publishing is a book for beginners.   It is perfect in that it not only explains about the language but talks about the Chinese culture too.  It even comes with a CD to help with pronunciation.   I am not sure how long my nephew will be interested in this but it couldn't hurt to help him along.  

Happy Birthday Joseph Anthony!

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