Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flashback Tuesday: Heat Wave by Eileen Spinelli illus by Betsy Lewin

Heat Wave

Here on the Jersey Shore (where I am on vacation) we are in the midst of a heat wave...it is already 100 degrees outside.   It is so hot that it is hard to walk on the sand without running to the ocean for relief.  I usually like to just sit and read on the beach but with this heat I may be too hot.  

When we first started coming to the shore we didn't have  air conditioning.   I remember one summer where even sitting by the water was no relief and the house was so hot we couldn't breathe.   At least now we can look at the beautiful waves of the sea from the comfort of a cool room.   

Heat Wave by Eileen Spinelli and illustrated by Betsy Lewin really conveys the summers of my childhood.   Where the sidewalks seemed to shimmer and the it was so hot that we longed for a snowstorm to cool off. I love how this book reads....the words are great and the illustrations are a perfect blend of nostalgia and warmth.

This is a great book to read during the hot summer months....or as a reminder of warm days during the cold of winter....keep cool!

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