Friday, October 4, 2013

Ollies Halloween by Olivier Dunrea

The joy of working in a bookstore is seeing new books as they come out of the box.  Yesterday we received a bunch of Halloween titles.   Here is my favorite:

Ollies Halloween by Olivier Dunrea  is a sweet Halloween title for toddlers.   I love Mr Dunrea's Gossie & Friends series.  I remember this book when it first came out in hardcover and thought it would make a wonderful board book. I am thrilled I was right.  These characters and stories are perfect for  the youngest among us.  I am so in love the with the characters and illustrations that I squealed when I saw this book.  I wished I had a little one to buy it for.  This is the perfect introduction to Halloween for the littlest trick or treater. Have I said I LOVE the illustrations? They are so precious and sweet.  A must have new book...

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