Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Legend of the Jersey Devil by Trinka Hakes Noble illustrated by Gerald Kelley

A few weeks ago I told you about an event I planned for Educator's Night.  One of the authors who came to Well Read was Trinka Hakes Noble.  I have always loved her books especially her books about "Jimmy".  This time she came with her newest picture book that turns out taught me a huge lesson about my own state and it's greatest...scariest legend.  Since it is the day before Halloween I thought it was appropriate to talk about because it is New Jersey's spookiest story.

The Legend of the Jersey Devil by Trinka Hakes Noble and wonderfully illustrated by Gerald Kelley tells the story of a creature supposedly born on Halloween Night down in the Pine Barrens of NJ.  It is said to have goat hooves, bat wings and glowing eyes (oh and not to mention horns growing out of its head).  I remember hearing different stories of where this creature came and how it haunts the southern part of my state so it is nice to have a story that explains it so well.  As I said in my post about Educator's Night I loved the story Trinka tells of how most children don't know the legend and that this is where the New Jersey Devil's got their name.  This is not just a book for New Jerseyans but for anyone who loves to learn about legends that can scare the pants off them.....Great book for Halloween!

Oh and a bonus...Well Read still has some signed copies in the store!

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  1. Interesting, and scary! Great review for Halloween, Rosemary.