Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Christmas Giant by Steve Light

The Christmas Giant
The Christmas Giant by Steve Light is a beautiful new Christmas story.   The cover immediately drew me in to look at at.   It is a sweet story of a giant and an elf who create the wrapping paper for Santa's workshop.   There is nothing like finding a new book that has a twist I have never seen before---wrapping paper maker---genius!  I also love the spare text that uses the mostly illustrations to tell the story.  We feel for the Giant and the elf when they are sad that their work is done for the year.   This is a wonderful new Christmas picture that should be read every year.   It gives the feeling of a classic with a wonderful freshness that is timeless.  A must have new book for a child's bookshelf.  


  1. How incredibly sweet. Should become a classic.

    Have you read It's Christmas, David? Adorable, but in a much feistier way, being David Shannon

  2. Cute book! Thanks for sharing about it, Rosemary!