Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Flashback Tuesday: E is for Empire by Ann Burg illus by Maureen Brookfield

Since I have been snowed in with my sister and her family for a few days I thought I would write about one of her earliest books.   I also thought it was appropriate because we are going to attempt to visit NYC today.....besides they need to bring me home.  

E Is For Empire: A New York Alphabet

E is for Empire by Ann Burg and illustrated by Maureen Brookefield is part of a series of books from Sleeping Bear Press.   I always loved this series of books even before my sister wrote hers because it is a way to bring history to children without being preachy and boring.   Each page has a poem about an event in NY history plus sidebars that go into more detail.   The poems are great to read on their own and  perfect for younger kids.   The sidebars are wonderful because of the detail so older kids can get more information.   I learned so much about New York just because of my sister's research.   The whole series is a must for kids libraries (of course I think E is for Empire is the best)......

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