Thursday, December 2, 2010

Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers

Up and Down

Lost and Found
Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers has been one of my most exciting discoveries of late.   I am so happy to have found a new author/illustrator to love.   This is a wonderful sequel to another sweet story Lost and Found.  I love the illustrations and the simpleness of both stories.   It is because of books like these that I wish I were still a buyer.   I would have loved to have discovered Mr Jeffers before anyone else.   His illustrations are the kind that give me that ache in my heart when I look at them.   He is very talented and inspiring.   He knows how to bring story and art together in a truly magical way.   These are great books to read to children as both the adult and child will get something out them.   A definite must have for any child's library!

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