Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Man in the Moon (Guardians of Childhood) by William Joyce

As Promised:   I love, love, love this book!

The Man in the Moon (Guardians of Childhood)

The Man in the Moon (Guardians of Childhood) by William Joyce has to be one of the most wonderful books I have ever seen.   As I stated yesterday I have always been a William Joyce fan.   I love the way he writes and the beautiful images he paints.   This is no exception.   I remember being a little girl and my Mother pointing out the face of the "Man in the Moon" to me.   It always comforted me to see his smiling face.   I think Mr Joyce is a national treasure....his books always come along just when I need them most.  This whole idea of "Guardians of Childhood" brings me back to a time when life was simple and goodness was all around.   It is sad that we can only appreciate the magic of childhood when we are grownup and think back to our past.   Thank you Mr Joyce for the joy you bring to all.

This is a must have new classic....perfect for new parents and new babies.....or anyone who wants  the children around them to have magic in their lives....

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  1. Can't wait to read this....I'm also a big fan of William Joyce...and of course, of childhood!!!