Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flashback Tuesday: George Shrinks by William Joyce

I can't believe I missed celebrating the 2 year Anniversary of this Blog!   I am usually really good about dates and celebrating milestones.   I do have a good excuse though,  I was sitting in the dark with no electricity on Aug 28th due to Hurricane Irene.   So I am rectifying my mistake and celebrating today.  The question I asked myself was: How do I celebrate?  Then I saw some notes I had made on books I wanted to talk about and realized that one of my favorite (and I mean FAVORITE) children's authors, William Joyce,  was coming out with a new book today.   Then I realized it was Tuesday, which means an older book.  Of course I can go off routine, after all this is my blog, but that is not my style.   What to do?????   I will talk about his new book tomorrow and an old favorite today.  I have already recommended two of my all time favorite William Joyce books, Santa Calls and Leaf Men so I chose my third favorite.  

George Shrinks (Reading Rainbow)
George Shrinks by William Joyce has always been one the best books to read aloud.   I think it is the first book Mr Joyce wrote and illustrated himself.  There is no agenda with this book....it is just about a boy who dreams he is small and the dream comes true. I like how the words are simple but without  the illustrations we wouldn't get the full story.  It is this combination of words and pictures that make this book really special.  They need each other.  It is one of those fun titles that can't help but make you smile.  Whenever I read this aloud I loved to watch the children's faces as they experienced George's adventures.  This is a must have classic book for any child's bookshelf!

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