Sunday, June 10, 2012

the little pea by Éric Battut

I usually write about a reference type of book on Sundays I felt that I couldn't make it work for today's book.   Part of me thought that  because it is about a seed and how it plants itself and grows into something wonderful,   it could fit within a nonfiction parameter....but I couldn't even make myself believe that.   I do think it is a really sweet book that should be recommended.   

the little pea by Eric Battut and  translated by Sophie Pouze is the story of a little pea who thinks it can be anything it wants to be.   Even when he is laughed at by his friends he believes in himself.   I love the illustrations ----simple but powerful.   I love how it reads, sometimes translated stories losing something in translation but Ms Pouze does a marvelous job that, I think conveys the author's message clearly.   This is a great book to read at story time at bedtime.   It subtly shows a child that it is OK to be different even if others don't agree.   A great little gem of a book that will be read again and again.

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