Sunday, June 3, 2012

Reference Sunday: Just One Bite by Lola Schaefer illustrated by Geoff Waring

Just One Bite: 11 Animals and Their Bites at Life Size by Lola Schaefer and illustrated by Geoff Waring practically jumped off the shelf at the Mahwah Public Library mainly because of its size.   It is an oversize picture book that would have driven me crazy trying to shelve it when I worked in the stores but as a consumer it is wonderful.  With simple text the author Lola Schaefer conveys to her audience what an animal eats in one bite.....this is a case where she needs the pictures to illustrate her thoughts.   She only deals with a few animals but they are an eclectic bunch.  I also like how she goes from the smallest animal, an earth worm to the largest, a sperm whale.   My favorite is the giraffe and the elephant.  Oh but the bunny is cute too. The illustrations are fantastic Mr Waring really makes them feel life size with gatefolds when the animal is just too big, like the sperm whale and the octopus.   Anyway it is a great beginning science book for the curious child who always asks "why?".....

An added feature is the more detailed glossary in the back that gives a better description of each animal. 

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