Monday, December 9, 2013

Pinkalicious Cupcake Cookbook by Victoria Kann

Looking at the weather this morning and saw that the whole country is in some sort of dreadful weather pattern.  Except of course Florida....which is apparently sunny and warm.  Since most people can't just pick up and go to Florida the best that can be done is stay in and get cozy.  I think baking is one of the coziest things to do on a cold winters day.

The Pinkalicious Cupcake Cookbook by Victoria Kann is the perfect new cookbook for kids to have fun with while hunkered down in your house.  There are 20 different cupcake recipes to make and enjoy.  While I am thinking this is geared towards girls (what with the pink theme and all), there are few decorating tips that might be a little bit gender neutral. Besides it doesn't matter if you are a boy or girl when it comes to eating these sweet treats.  What's great about the recipes are the step by step instructions that show you how to decorate different cupcakes.  Gluten free recipes are also included. There are also decorating tips for a multitude of holidays which makes it a perfect gift too.  This is a fun new cookbook for the baker in your life.

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