Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Dwarf in the Drawer: A Mischievous Parody by L. Van King illustrated by Chuck Gonzales

Today is Bring your Child to a Bookstore Day.  It is a great way to instill a love of reading in your child's life.

I thought I would do a really fun book for today.  It is considered a parody so it isn't necessarily a "children's" book although it does come with a cute plush.  I sometimes like to do a book that a grown up would appreciate while still being cute for children.

The Dwarf in the Drawer: A Mischievous Parody by L. Van King with illustrations by Chuck Gonzales is a clever attempt to counter the sticky sweetness of a certain book about a certain elf.  The Dwarf in the Drawer doesn't need to be hid nor does he report back to Santa what anyone is doing.  He is a bit lazy---love the line about Colbert---but charming too in his own way.   This is for the parent or grown up who is tired of hiding a certain elf and just wants to relax a bit for the holiday's.( I have nothing against a that "certain elf" but he reminds me too much of Christmas ornaments I had as a child...ones that I hid at the back of the tree because they were a little creepy---but that was just me.)  This is a fun book that is great to read on a night when you  are just too tired to do anything but sit and snuggle.


  1. There was an Elf on the Shelf I once loved, but I was never too crazy about the elf on the shelf parodied here...looking forward to discovering the dwarf in the drawer!

  2. Thanks Rosemary! Merry Christmas from the Dwarf. :)