Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reference Sunday: Chinese New Year!

First off Happy Valentines Day! Today is also the start of Chinese New Year---the Year of the Tiger! It just so happens that my two little nephews, Alex & Michael V are Tigers...very sweet ones at that. Here are some books that are good introduction to the fun holiday!


Happy Chinese New Year, Kai Lan! by Lauren Silverhardt --normally I wouldn't recommend a TV tie-in title but this Nickelodeon series is based on a preschool character who is Chinese American. This book is perfect for explaining Chinese New Year to preschoolers.

Bringing in the New Year by Grace Lin ---really sweet picture book that tells the story of a family celebrating Chinese New Year.

Lion Dancer: Ernie Wan's Chinese New Year by Karen Waters ---I always liked this book because it used photographs to illustrate the holiday. It is wonderful the way it depicts the Chinese New Year Celebration. A classic title.

Celebrating Chinese New Year: An Activity Book by Hingman Chan--great book with facts & history of Chinese New Year that comes with activities to make paper dragons, lanterns etc....very helpful in celebrating this wonderful holiday!

Guo Nian Hao! Happy New Year!

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