Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Evil Garden by Edward Gorey

Today is my friend Lindsay's birthday.   I haven't seen her in awhile but we keep in touch through email.   When I saw today's book I thought of her immediately.   She has always loved Edward Gorey and anything macabre.  When we worked together she had the Edward Gorey alphabet poster on our wall in the back room.   She thought it was appropriate because she worked off the children's section and well "it was an alphabet poster"....
The Evil Garden
The Evil Garden by Edward Gorey has been reissued as a children's book, albeit a book meant for an older child ages 9-12.   At first I didn't think it was for children but realized that it is a sort of nursery rhyme that only Edward Gorey could write.   I think it is a great book for an older child...especially the child who likes all things morbid or gruesome.  It is actually a fun sort of story in a frightful way.   It is also a great gift for a grown up in your life who is like my friend....oh and it is also perfect for her because she is quite the gardener too!   Dare I say "enjoy'~

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