Thursday, June 2, 2011

When Bob Met Woody by Gary Golio illustrated by Marc Burckhardt

I have mentioned before my love of music.   Growing up I was exposed to many different kinds of music.  I like anything from Classical to Pop....and everything in between even a bit of Heavy Metal.   My parents always had the classical music station playing in the background.  Every Saturday night we would listen to a music program called "Woody's Children" ---  a homage to Woody Guthrie and folk music.  I was also aware of Bob Dylan....I have older siblings who loved listened to him.   I learned at an early age that Bob Dylan's real name is "Robert Zimmerman" and that he chose Dylan as his stage name because of the poet Dylan Thomas----my sister the writer told me that.   It did surprise me to learn that Bob Dylan just turned 70 years old, I missed his birthday last week.   Since then I have come across a great picture book biography that details Bob Dylan's early life and his meeting with the iconic Woody Guthrie.

When Bob Met Woody: The Story of the Young Bob Dylan

When Bob Met Woody: The Story of the Young Bob Dylan by Gary Golio and illustrated by Marc Burckhardt is a picture book biography for older children to read and learn about a music icon.   I think it would also be a great book for the music lover in your life no matter what age.   I would give it to a child who is musically inclined along with some Cd's of both Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie songs.  For that matter it would make a great family gift too.   It is beautifully told with illustrations that perfectly match the character of the story.  

Oh and Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Bob Dylan!

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